Welcome to "Kylie Minogue's Canadian Fandom ". Let me start off by saying that this site is not affiliated or endorsed by Kylie Minogue, her record labels, or management. The site's main purpose is to promote Kylie and her music to Canadian radio, TV viewers, and to fans who might, or might not have heard of her.

Over the years my main goal has been to get Canadian and American radio stations to play Kylie's music. I started an e-mail campaign in 2001 to get some of Montreal's radio stations to play her latest single "Can't Get You Out of My Head" from the album "Fever". While most stations gave me a lukewarm reception, french Montreal radio stations like CKOI 96.9 and CKMF 94.3 started to play Kylie. A little help from other Canadian fans and EMI Canada resulted in her breaking throughout Canada, with a nationwide # 1 song.

Since 1988 Kylie has sold millions of albums around the world. She has sold out shows, and has amassed millions of fans. Kylie has had 45 top 40 singles in the UK alone 34 which have hit the top ten.

In her home country of Australia her concert tours "On a Night Like This", "Fever", and Showgirl have broken all box office records. She has recorded 11 studio albums, two greatest hits, and countless remix compilations, Kylie has amassed quite a repertoire.

Still in Canada she was virtually unknown. In 1988 Kylie hit it big with a #1 remake of the "Locomotion", and then disappeared.

In 2002 her album Fever topped the charts all over the world, and produced Kylie's biggest comeback in North America. Fever sold 2 million copies in Canada and debut at # 3 on Billboard's 200 album chart. Can't Get You Out of My Head became one of the biggest singles of the year.

In 2005 she released Ultimate Kylie a collection of her greatest Hits, and embarked on her most ambitious tour Showgirl. The world was stunned when Kylie announced in May of 2005 that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and that she would have to halt the Australian leg of her tour. In 2008 she was back on track with her 10th album “X” and a world tour.

In 2009 and 2011 she finally toured Canada and the USA with incredible live shows on par and even more ambitious then any other diva. Her Aphrodite Tour broke all boundaries.

This year she is celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music business, and has had a year full of surprises. She has already released the stand alone dance smash digital song "Timebomb", a greatest hits “Best Of” compilation. She’s done a special Anti-Tour concert for her fans featuring songs never done before in concert featuring fan favorites and B-sides, a first for any artist. She has played the prestigious Proms classical music festival in the UK and has recorded a new album of orchestral versions of her most popular hits at the Abbey Road studios, to be released at the end of October.

Kylie is no more an unknown in our territory, and hopefully this will convince her to visit us more often and play more cities.

Help me bring Kylie back to North America.

Phil Fogel
Your "Kyliemaster"