Radio Promotion

North American Radio Promotion

This page willbe updated when Kylie has a single and video to promote
in the USA and Canada

November 2nd 2010

Vote for Get Outta Me Way click on the link, find the box on the left they've listed her under the letter K not M, mark the Get Outta My Way box then click <submit> you can fill out your name and e-mail only if you want it's not manditory.

CJFM-Montreal has now added the song to it's list VOTE!

Other Canadian stations. The song is not on the list but you can fill out the blank form at the bottom.

CKCW-FM Moncton CHUM-FM Toronto
CHWV-FM Saint John CHSU-FM Kelowna CICF-FM Vernon
CIGLFM Belleville CFHK-FM-London CJMG-FM Penticton
CIRR-FM Toronto CJFM-Montreal CHBE-FM Victoria
CFBT-Fm-Van CHBN-Fm-Edmonton CKHZ-Fm-Halifax

Vote for Kylie's video on Much More Music

Get Outta My Way has now been added to these USA stations click on the kink and vote!


New York 

Dates: City: San Diego Zip Code: 92101

City: Buffalo Zip Code: 14201

Chicago (WTMX-FM) (Zip Code: 60601 - 60640)

Salt Lake City (ZHT-FM) (Zip Code: 84101-84143)

Denver (KIMN-FM)

Cincinnati (WKRQ-FM) (Zip Code: 45201-45251)

Here is a list of all the HOT AC stations in the US by rank

These are all HOT AC stations while the song has not been added you can fill out he blank form

New York (WPLJ-FM) (Zip Code: 10001-10045)

Los Angeles (KBIG-FM) (Zip Code: 90001-90045)

San Francisco (KIOI-FM) (zip code: 94101-94134)

San Francisco (KLLC-FM) (Zip Code: 94101-94134)

Dallas (KDMX-FM) (Zip Code: 75201-75234)

Houston (KHMX-FM) (Zip Code: 77001-77036)

Washington D.C. (WRQX-FM)(Zip Code: 20066)

Boston (WBMX-FM) (Zip Code:02108-02137)

Detroit (WDVD-FM) (Zip Code:48204-48244)

Seattle (KPLZ-FM) (Zip Code:98101-98119)

Phoenix (KMXP-FM) (Zip Codes:85001-85044)

Minneapolis (KSTP-FM) (Zip Codes:55401-55448)

Tampa (WMTX-FM) (Zip Code: 33601-33633)

Denver (KALC-FM) (Zip Code:80201-80230)

St. Louis (KYKY-FM) (Zip Code: 63101-63140)

Baltimore (WWMX-FM) (Zip Code: 21201-21260)

Portland OR (KRSK-FM) (Zip Code:97201-97240)

Charlotte (WLNK-FM) (Zip Code: 28201-28244)

Pittsburgh (WZPT-FM) (Zip Code: 15201-15244)

Sacramento (KZZO-FM) (Zip Code: 94229-94263)

Cincinnati (WNNF-FM) Same as above

Cleveland (WQAL-FM) (Zip Code: 44101-44147)

Las Vegas (KMXB-FM) (Zip Code:89101-89138)

Orlando (WOMX-FM) (Zip Code: 32801-32839)

San Jose (KEZR-FM) (Zip Code: 95101-95141)

Columbus (WVMX-FM) (Zip Code:43201-43236)

Milwaukee (WMYX-FM) (Zip Code: 53201-53235)